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Soziales engagement
Social engagement //

Our social engagement

One of our mission statements is “the world communities by contributing to the management of resources”

We follow this statement continuously, in the production of our products and in our day-to-day operations. To all, we feel obliged, to help and to encourage, where help is needed.

We are specifically engaged in helping education institutions, focusing within our local environment. Our children are our future and it is worthwhile to support them in every way. We aim also to profit in the end as each year we host new apprentices.

We are committed to local clubs and organizations as well as international projects with monetary, creative or practical support.


Our engagement for schools and clubs in Neuffen and surroundings:

Jugendmusikschule Neuffen
(Youth music school Neuffen)

Jugendmusikverein Neuffen Logo

Realschule Neuffen
(Secondary school)

Realschule Neuffen Logo

Haus Aichele
(Psychotherapeutic home Aichele)

Haus Aichele

Musikverein Neuffen
(Neuffen wind band)

Musikverein Neuffen Logo

Turnerbund Neuffen
(Neuffen sporting club)

TB Neuffen Logo

Schützenverein Neuffen
(Neuffen shooting club)

Schützenhaus Neuffen logo

In the following you can see the projects that we are engaged in:

Integrative children's house Metzingen

On March 6, 2020, our trainees and dual students handed over the second donation in the context of this year's trainee project to the integrative children's house Metzingen. In this school kindergarten and day care center children with and without disabilities learn from each other. Each child is the focus of the staff of the institution as a whole personality with its uniqueness. We are pleased to be able to support the children's house with our donation, in the purchase of further vehicles for the children.

Badger Meter trainees and dual students presented donation to the “Turnerbund Neuffen 1895 e.V.”

On January 30, 2020, our trainees and dual students presented the first donation as part of their trainee project. Within this project Badger Meter supports cultural, social and local institutions and associations. The first donation was handed over to the Turnerbund Neuffen 1895 e.V. Mr. Klingler (1st chairman) and Mr. Knoll (financial and administrative officer) personally accepted the cheque for € 1,000 at our premises in Neuffen. We are pleased to financially support the renovation of the sport hall in Neuffen.

Water Foundation

The purpose of the Water Foundation is to enabling everyone the use of clean water and to quench their thirst in remote villages. It is also important to us to counteract the lack of water, which still affects millions of people worldwide. With a donation we supported the development of the "Cloud Fisher" in Morocco, the program design for the village development project "Green Village" and the development of the landscape protection "Greening Anseba" in Eirtrea. In addition, wells for the drinking water supply were realized in Ethiopia and donkeys were distributed to families in Woliso as water carriers.

Typhoon „Mangkhut“ in the Philippines

The typhoon „Mangkhut“ caused in September 2018 heavy devastation in the Philippines, where our local distributor “West Point Engineering” are located. We were shocked about the extent of the catastrophe. We commemorated and supported the victims with a cash donation.

Badger Meter trainees and students presented project-proceeds to the charity for children and young people with cancer

On July 19th, 2017 the Badger Meter Europa GmbH trainees and students presented a donation which was generated from the proceeds of their project "Badger Café" on the Badger Meter Europa Open House Day. Mr. Simschek, deputy chairman of the charity for children and young people with cancer (Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder Tübingen e.V.), received the cheque totalling 3500 Euros at Badger Meter Europa. Our newly graduated apprentices also provided Mr. and Mrs. Simschek with a guided tour of the company.

The company hopes that the donation will support the charity by helping not only the children, but also their relatives and friends in dealing with the disease.

Spendenübergabe Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder

"Licht der Hoffnung" (Light of hope)

For many years before the Christmas season, we present our donation to the campaign “Light of hope”. This campaign was started many years ago by the regional Nürtinger newspaper and the revenues are spent on selected social projects in the region and also on social projects for example in Peru, Kenya or other socially deprived areas.

Licht der Hoffnung Logo

The German Bone Marrow Donor Center (DKMS) saves lives - we help too

With our support, the German Bone Marrow Donor Center was able to register 50 additional new types for the spinal marrow donor center. Although there are more than 5.000.000 existing donors on record, one in every five people in need of a transplant does not find a life saver.

Deutsche Knochenmarkspende

Gonzalinho-project Brazil

In summer 2015, two girls from the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-grammar school in Metzingen started their voluntary work at the Goncalinho-children project which will last for one year. At the Goncalinho project, children from poor families in Cáceres are cared for by young volunteers from Brazil and Germany. Where parents are not able to look after their children after school, in the Gonzalinho project these children are picked up from the street, are provided with lunch, attention and meaningful leisure activities.

This offers an alternative to stealing, dealing drugs or joining a gang. In the past, Brazilian and German youths have created a community garden with vegetables and fruit trees that are now cultivated by the children in the project. 

We wish success to the voluntary workers who are engaged in this project.

Gonzalinho-Projekt Brazilien

Association Anna e. V.

This association was founded with the idea to help children who are suffering from cancer and also their families. Cancer diagnosis changes the whole life of these families and everyday life also. Hospitalization for months and arduous courses of therapies are a burden to the children, their parents and siblings. The association offers a different perspective by providing for example pony riding, art therapy or discussion groups, so that all relevant people can be helped to have some sense of normality.

Logo Verein Anna

Our offspring is spending…

The proceeds of selling cakes and Badger felt bags, on the occasion of the 40 anniversary of Badger Meter Europa GmbH.

Badger Meter apprentices at the donation hand-over to representatives of the nursery school and Haus Aichele, a youth facility providing therapeutic care. The donation to the nursery school was used for new play equipment.

Spendenübergabe Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder

Charity tournament "Schools for children in Africa"

Badger Meter sponsored the U14 cup UNICEF/EnBW charity tournament at Kirchheim/Teck. 18 C2 youth teams participated there to show their skill.

The proceeds from selling foods and beverage were donated to the campaign “Schools for children in Africa”. Also presented were the VfL Kirchheim U14 team, who have been involved in the campaign for a long time.

Unicef Flyer

German World Hunger Aid

Badger Meter promoted a school cooperation for two water projects

- School project with international scope -

An art competition for pupils at the Realschule Neuffen should raise awareness on how we manage water resources and help to provide clean water in Africa.

The children should take up the subject water scarcity in their artistic work. Thirty of the best art works were shown in a permanent exhibition in the Badger Meter business premises in Neuffen and ten of the best art works went on an international tour. Displays were shown at the Water Show Berlin and in Singapore at the Water Week, one of the most important global platforms for water management.

The art works were not only shown but also sold and the revenues were donated to two projects in Africa, in Ethiopia and in Southern Kenya. This was coordinated by the WaterFoundation and the German World Hunger Aid, which are involved in well building and irrigation.

Kinderzeichnung Wasser
Kinderzeichnung Wasser
Vernissage Kinderzeichnungen
Spendenübergabe Wasserprojekt
Welthungerhilfe Afrika

Samaritan Foundation Nürtingen

For a long time and traditionally, the Samaritan Foundation Nürtingen has been engaged in old people’s welfare, social psychiatry, disabled aid, civic engagement and of also pastoral care and deaconry. The foundation provides a wide range of offers to all those who are in need of help and also to people who may want to engage themselves to assist.

Samariter Logo

Wells in Nigeria

A 10 km walk by foot to get vital essential water, this was the daily challenge for the habitants in Umuario, Nigeria. One of the habitants worked for two years as a pastor in a catholic parish in Nürtingen, he was already engaged successfully in well building. The drill for the well was already made and a 140 m conveyor pipe had to be installed in the bottom, a solar pump should replace the diesel engines and enable reduction in costs.

dolphin aid e.V.

dolphin aid e.V. was founded in 1995 to help disabled or traumatized children to find a way back to a fuller life. Being exposed to dolphin therapy enables the treatment of a variety of conditions that would otherwise have been impossible using traditional methods. The effectiveness of dolphin therapy has been medically proven so the association is not only a supporter and consultant for affected families, but also has as a target, to achieve recognition from the German Health Care System and also financial coverage from health insurers. Badger Meter contributed to the costs to provide a dolphin therapy for a little girl with Down's Syndrome.

Environmental project POEMA - Latex balls from the Amazon

For more than 10 years POEMA has been initiating and also controls donations from Germany for building drinking water units and supports a radio project for Rural Santarem school radio.

Rubber trees in the Amazon rainforest don’t grow in plantations, but in a natural setting and must be tapped by the “Serengueiros” in an arduous and time-consuming manner.  So far the only source of income was the sale of raw rubber. The Project Bola includes the manufacture and sale of latex balls. The manually wrapped latex ball is a natural rubber product of the Brazil rainforest, manufactured by the „Caboclos“. Caboclos are people who live in the rainforest, far away from agricultural infrastructure.

With the ball production initiated in September 2002 and the adoption of transport and distribution, the people of Surucuá got their first chance to process a finished product from the valuable primary product “latex” and thanks to this value added process and the further afield market access, the income per kilogram of tapped latex could be twenty times greater.

Umweltprojekt POEMA – Latexbälle aus Amazonien

Albert Schäffle School Nürtingen

Our donation supported the school in their work and on projects.

Donation for Tsunami victims

Badger Meter donated to CARE, to help the victims of the December 26, 2004 earthquake and Tsunami.

CARE is a help organization that was recommended to receive donation funds as they respond quickly and use the funds efficiently.