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Dual channel monitor 3100/Controller/Transmitter

Monitor Serie 3100 / Controller/Transmitter
  • Control panel mounted
  • Pump control based on flow and pressure
  • Pump control based on level and pressure
  • Water feature control based on wind speed and flow rate
  • Irrigation based on moisture and wind speed
  • Pump control based on independent flows in two different pipes
  • Resultant flow volume and direction of a reversing flow, such as occurs when two communities both pump into, and draw from, a common pipe system
Dual channel monitor 3100/Controller/Transmitter
Dual channel monitor 3100/Controller/Transmitter

General information

The dual channel series 3100 is a compact, economical, full-featured, monitor designed for flow and other measurement applications with powerful control and re-transmission features. 

Measuring principle

Impeller meters

Impeller meters

The series feature a six-bladed impeller design with a proprietary, non-magnetic sensing mechanism. The impeller shape coupled with the absence of magnetic drag provides accuracy and repeatability throughout the flow range of the sensors. As the liquid flow turns the impeller, a low impedance square wave signal is transmitted with a frequency proportional to the flow rate.

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