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Flow and batching control system PC200

Durchfluss- und Dosiersteuergerät PC200 / Flow and batching control system PC200
  • Ease-of-use with the numerical keyboard.
  • Ruggedness for its application with a robust enclosure, keyboard and proper mechanical relays.
  • Clear operator information: all relevant data can be monitored in one glance.
  • User-friendly installation with quality plug-and-play terminals; suitable for both AC and DC applications (standard).
  • A wide range of inputs, outputs and functions for a broad fulfillment in many applications.
Flow and batching control system PC200
Flow and batching control system PC200

General information

The PC200 is a microprocessor-driven instrument designed for batching and filling both small and large quantities, as well as displaying total, accumulated total and flow rate.

Measuring principle

Nutating disc meters

Nutating disc meters

Nutating disc meters are positive displacement meters. The top and lower part of the meter chamber are cone shaped. A ball bearing centralizes the disc between the two cones. A nutating motion of the disc is generated when flow enters the meter chamber. Complete separation between inlet and outlet chamber volumes is always achieved by one dedicated disc diameter line. The inlet and outlet parts of the meter chamber are separated by a partition plate. The positioning bar forces the disc to nutate around the center axis of the chamber, driving the transmission magnet.

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